The Merciful Nuns have released today, September 20th 2019, a new EP titled "Black Halo" on Solar Lodge Productions, a month before the bands final show at Autumn Moon festival in Hameln, Germany. The EP contains five tracks retaining the sound of German goth rockers prior work, but with some new additions making things much more interesting.

The opener "BlackHalo" has a Cure like bassline that kind of sweetens their sound a bit compared to their strict usual tight solid sound. So, we see a change in their approach this time. Artaud Seth’s voice though in general still sounds the same. The second track "The Frail" is a bit more atmospheric due to the use of synthesizer which together with the bass creates a nice atmosphere. Sounding much more new wave. The next track "Disorder" was completely written and recorded with original synths, machines and instruments from the decade around 1980. It sounds like a tribute to Joy Division, whereas the drums and bass especially sound so reminiscent of the legendary post-punk bands characteristic signature sound.

On the fourth track "The Closure", we see a bigger change with a synth driven track with a great dominant 80’s bassline. Another thing that struck me on these songs is the sound of the drums. They have a more real sound this time than the manufactured sound of the typical drum machine. The EP closes with the longest track on this extended play, "The Alienist", close to seven minutes long. A slower track, again with the synths creating all the atmosphere, with an 80’s sounding bass and some dialogues thrown in probably from some film.

Review by Nick Drivas