The Greek dark rock band Anima Triste released their sophomore album "Humanity" a few months back. This CD release was done by the band itself. The band, that has been active since 2014, gigging constantly around venues in Athens but also in other parts of Greece, released their eponymous debate in 2016. They attracted the attention of the local scene with their passionate intense shows and their dynamic mix of darkwave and post-punk.

For the second album, Anima Triste tried new things to enhance their sound. First, they used keyboards for the first time. Something that helped bring an eerie atmosphere to their music. Secondly, they stepped out of the strict post-punk of their earlier work and let more of their influences into their songwriting. Something that is instantly noticed on the opening track "Humanity". A bombastic track with a heavy guitar riff, that shows their more rock side. Its one of the stronger songs on the album, with its theatrical vocals by Mad Sad who sings very passionately. The next tracks "The Underrated Mob", "Scars Of The Moon" and "Hades" continue in the same vein, showcasing their dark rock, which they seem to have mastered, sounding very oldschool at times, reminiscent of past classics. On "Shadows", we have a more subtle song, almost like a ballad with a glam feel, but progresses in a more dynamic way.

Their lyrics are about the human struggle, the weight of today’s society, isolation and despair. Delivered in a painful and heartful way but with an aggression that at times indicts some sort of revolt. The track "UOY" is another standout with its characteristic opening guitar lines and its upbeat dynamic. One of those tracks that has all the elements that represent the bands sound and style. The album continues with the slower songs "Everything Tasteless" and "Intoxication" but also, we get "Falling" with its darkwave bassline. The album closes in the best of ways with "Face In The Mask", a lovely track, with nice guitar work and thumping drums. A track that will surely thrive played live on stage. Anima Triste with this album have proved that they are rightly considered one of the best post-punk bands around. A band that plays tight, with passion and love for music.

Review by Nick Drivas