Wayne Hussey, frontman of The Mission, visited Greece once again, this time promoting his autobiography entitled "Salad Daze" that was published by Omnibus Press in May. After a UK tour he was now on the road of a full European acoustic tour making a stop here in Athens at Second Skin club. Wayne, alone on stage gave a really great acoustic show, performing a wide range of songs from his career.

Opening act was Phoebus Water, a new Greek duo that consists of Tatiana Stavroulaki and Apostolos Lagarias. Tatiana is known to the local scene since she was the singer of the 90’s alternative band Common Sense. With Tatiana on vocals and acoustic guitar and Apostolo on electric guitar they performed a small set, introducing us to their fragile acoustic and atmospheric songs, topped with Tatiana’s melodic and emotional voice.
Seated on a low stool, wearing his shades at legendary hat, Wayne Hussey took his acoustic guitar and played us many Mission songs such as "That Tears Shall Drown The Wind", "Garden Of Delight", "Severina" and "Like A Child Again". He was very talkative with crowd, in good humor and also told us a small story of how as a young kid he wanted to play football for Liverpool but after seeing Marc Bolan on Top Of The Pops he found what he really wanted to do. Having said that, he played us his first song he had ever written.

Then he switched position and seated at the piano he played us some more Mission songs like "Dragonfly", "Naked And Savage" and the covers "Mr. Pleasant" by the Kinks and the Nine Inch Nails classic "Hurt". He performed really well all the songs, his voice sounded great and in general he delivered with passion and in a very intimate way. We bared witness to his songwriting skills that have penned down some of the most iconic compositions of the last decades.

When he took to center stage again, this time taking an electric guitar he performed some more dynamic takes of songs such as "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan and "Jade" from the Mission last album "Another Fall From Grace". At this point we got to hear his slow version of The Sisters Of Mercy track "Marian". He made a lot of loops with his pedals and also he was backed on some tracks with drum machine.

Towards the end he also played the Liverpool football anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" with some of the crowd joining in. For a finale he changed again to acoustic guitar and played a medley of songs consisted of "Beyond The Pale", "Never Again", "Tower Of Strength", the Depeche Mode cover "Personal Jesus" and "Wasteland". In this way he ended an extraordinary set that lasted for about two and a half hours!

Review and photos by Nick Drivas