"Sing Me Something Sinister" is a compilation sampler by the independent record label Seja from the Netherlands with 13 European artists active in the electronic underground. It is like a cinematic sound document of what is happening in the scene lately, with a nice mixture of electronic, darkwave, electro, industrial, minimal and post-punk.

The first side starts with Belgium act Hidden In Treetops (Geert Vandekerkhof) with a live version of the track "The White Container" that was released originally in 2016 on cassette. A great opener with an ambient sythpop instrumental tune, that sets the tone for the rest of the compilation. Next, we have Imiafan, an electro synth pop project from Slovakia, with their 2019 version of the moody low-key track "Nočná Alchýmia". Zwarte Poëzie is the ongoing band project of singer/songwriter Edwin van der Velde, a Dutchman currently living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Zwarte Poëzie’s music is a mixture between wave and alternative rock, though uniquely brought with neo-romantic Dutch lyrics, as we hear on his contributing track "Grijs Verleden". Adam Tristar from Amsterdam follows with the electro pop track "The Red Pill" taken from the album of the same name released in 2018. The Belgium minimal synth / dark electro project Story Off (a solo project of Chesko Geert Vandekerkhof of Der Klinke) follows with "A Dark Romance", taken from the album "Facing Forward". Things change a bit with the track "B-City" by the new Greek minimal darkwave project Das Noir. A diy minimal post-punk track very reminiscent of 80’s European coldwave bands. The side ends with "Complete Strangers" an exclusive track by synth project Sololust (Peter Baarends).

On the second side we have m1nk, a duo consisting of Barry Snaith and Erika Bach, who unleash their dark gothic industrial electronica with "Do You Want Me". Then we have Bragolin, a two-piece post-punk / dark wave band from Utrecht, with the upbeat track "Into Those Woods" that has a very 80’s feel. The band The Arch from Breendonk Belgium follow with "Alien Ann", a song taken from their new album "XII" that has many darkwave, EBM, new wave and synth-pop elements. The Belgium coldwave band Der Klinke follows with a radio edit of their darkwave almost gothic rock song "Curtains" that’s taken from their latest album "Decade". The industrial Dutch act Xtort continues with "Fire (Black Rituals Mix)" that contains the classic vocal line “I am the god of hellfire!” reminding us the good old days of oldschool industrial. The side and compilation closes with the track "Arctic" by Belgium gothic rock band Ground Nero, a song taken from their 2016 EP "Beyond".

This limited-edition vinyl compilation was curated by Nel Mertens (Luminous Dash) and Johan Buurke (Seja Records). They have managed to compile a great bunch of songs that all together fit under the album’s title, having all something “sinister”. It’s an ultimate overview of the European dark underground scene of today. The atmosphere of this album has been masterfully translated by artist Mo Arab, with his painting ‘Domina Corvus’, an extract of which has been used for the cover.

Review by Rise&Fall