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A brief history…

Ethereal wave, also called ethereal goth or simply ethereal, is a subgenre of dark wave music and is variously described as "gothic", "romantic", and "otherworldly". This music genre developed in the early 1980s in the UK as an outgrowth of gothic rock, ethereal wave was mainly represented by 4AD bands such as Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, and early guitar-driven Dead Can Dance. In the second half of the 1980s, the genre continued to develop in the United States. Ethereal wave, especially the music of the Cocteau Twins, was one of the key inspirations for the British dreampop/shoegazing scene of the late 1980s.

The defining characteristic of the style is the use of effects-laden guitar soundscapes, primarily based on minor key tonality (which unfolds a serious, dark and wistful atmosphere), frequently post-punk-oriented bass lines, restrained tempo (ranging from down- to midtempo) and high register female vocals (sometimes operatic and with hard-to-decipher lyrical content), often closely intertwined with romantic aesthetics and pre-Raphaelite imagery.

Within the gothic/dark wave scene, the genre reached a higher level of popularity throughout the 1990s, especially in the first half of the decade. During this time, ethereal wave and rock genres such as shoegazing (aka dream pop) interacted with each other, with many artists being influenced by 4AD bands, such as the aforementioned Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil as well as early All About Eve.

Since the early 1990s, the "ethereal" tag is primarily associated with the Projekt label, which had already used the term in 1987. The label featured some of the most well-known acts of the U.S. music scene such as Love Spirals Downwards, Lycia and Black Tape For A Blue Girl. But also, with the German label Hyperium Records for its Heavenly Voices compilation series. More recent bands who partly represent the genre are Autumn's Grey Solace, Tearwave, Mercury's Antennae, Faded Sympathy and Saigon Blue Rain.

Notable artists are:
A.R. Kane, Aenima, All About Eve, Area, Autumn, Autumn's Grey Solace, Bel Canto, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Blue Dahlia, BlueScreen, Box And The Twins, Cocteau Twins, Collection D'Arnell-Andrea, Cranes, Dark Orange, Dead Can Dance, Eden, Elizabeth Fraser, Ethereal Movement, Elysium, Excession, Faded Sympathy, Faith & Disease, Faith And The Muse, Friends Of Alice Ivy, Funeral Party, Heavenly Bodies, Isiphilon, Lights That Change, Lisa Gerrard, Love Spirals Downwards, Lovesliescrushing, Luna in Cælo, Lush, Lycia, Mercury's Antennae, Mistle Thrush, Mors Syphilitica, Numeralia, Opium Den, Orange, Ostia, Qntal, Rhea's Obsession, Robin Guthie, Siddal, Soul Whirling Somewhere, Speaking Silence, Stare, Swallow, Tearwave, The Bel Am, The Machine In The Garden, The Moon In June, The Violet Hour, This Ascension, This Mortal Coil, Trance To The Sun, Translucia, Trees Dance, Vazz, Where I Wake Warm.

Besides these artists, a number of darkwave-oriented bands have been worldwide loosely associated with the ethereal wave genre, such as The Dreamside and Sophya (Netherlands), The Breath of Life (Belgium), Crimson Joy (Germany), Rise and Fall Of A Decade (France), Cello (Portugal), Faith & the Muse, The Shroud and Sunshine Blind (United States), This Burning Effigy (Ireland), and Mellonta Tauta (Argentina). Most of these artists were heavily influenced by the music of the Cocteau Twins and the 4AD record label.

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