On Saturday, November 23rd, the Greek duo Incirrina did a live presentation at Death Disco club of their debut album "8.15" that was recently released by Geheimnis records on vinyl. Special quest and opening act were the Greek darkwave / post-punk band Ghostland.

The guest act Ghostland appeared first presenting us a set that featured a wide collection of songs from their debut LP "Dances On Walls" released last year on the French label Manic Depression Records. The three piece, with Makrina: vocals, Argyris: guitar and Nikos: bass, also performed many new songs. They began their set with the new song "Tuoemtel" followed by slower darker tracks "Ice Song" and "Wind Of Knives" from their debut album. They continued with the new tracks "No Place", "Burning Skies", "Strange Ones" and "Trick Of Light" giving us a pretty good idea of what to expect from their new album. The band continues in the same vein as their debut and sounded very promising. They continued their set with more known songs and albums favorites as "Don’t Wait", "Leave Behind", my personal favorite "The Dancing Crowd" and "Lifeblood" that really arose the crowd. For the end they played another new song called "So Far" on which Argyris and Nikos left their guitars and basses and took to keyboards presenting us with a more minimal track, showing a different side of the band, with Makrina also displaying some abstract vocals.

Incirrina, having recently released their debut album "8.15" on vinyl, presented their songs live for the first time after its release. George Katsanos and Irini Tini took their positions behind their synthesizers and performed their debut almost in its entirety, except for one song. They began with the album titled track "8.15" followed by "The Tyger", "The Angel", "The Smile", "A Little Girl Lost" and "The Sick Rose". All great songs showcasing their dark/minimal wave sound, featuring the poetry of William Blake used for lyrics. They created as mysterious atmosphere with their dark 80ish music made with their analogue equipment that was set up nicely on the stage presenting a pleasant sight.

They also performed for us some new songs like "Giskard" before continuing with more album tracks like "True Love Doth Pass Away" and "The Chimney Sweeper". The duo gave a good performance, with Irini and George taking turns on the vocals. Amidst the warm sound of their synths and drum machines, their drenched in reverb voices emerged through the smoke and stage lighting that enhanced their show. Another new track, "Daneel" was played, giving us another taste of their new material. The tracks "Holy Thursday" and "London" from the album followed ending with another new song, "Till The End Of Time".

Review by Nick Drivas