Sonsombre, the Goth Rock project of Brandon Pybus from Northern Virginia, is back with his third full length album "One Thousand Graves" released in January 2020 on Cleopatra Records. This album came only six months after his previous "The Veils Of Ending". Sonsombre is by many the most exciting thing to happen to goth music in a decade. One can say he is creating a rival with this old school goth vibe with modern twists. Brandon Pybus has a classic gothic rock image too, dressed in black with big brimmed hat, crucifix and shades but with the new touch, that of a catholic preacher.

The album kicks off in a dynamic way with "Fire". A track characteristic of Sonsombre’s sound, classic 90’s guitar driven gothic rock with deep and slightly harsh vocals. The tempo speeds up on "No Warning" that is a fine example of old-school gothic rock, with exquisite production and clear and crisp guitar melodies. This type of multi-layered guitar-heavy goth rock with drum machine continues with tracks like "Until the Sun Goes Down", "Like Rats" and the rocker "Darker Skies". While on "Lights Out" they deliver a catchy tune that could be a dance floor anthem. A track that first premiered in December 2019 with a nice black and video featuring the band playing in a dark lite room. The entire album is general is dripping with dark and creepy atmosphere, enhanced by a large part by the addition of pipe organ on tracks such as the slower song "Slumber" and "Highgate" with its cracking guitars riffs. As we draw towards the end, the tracks still retain an intensity, with tracks like the album title track "One Thousand Graves", "This Procession" and the mid-tempo "Remember Me".

Review by Nick Drivas