The Australian band Eden, with the release of "East Of The Stars", celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band’s first release "The Light Between Worlds". This album contains all new recordings of Eden material - classic and rare material from Eden's legacy and new tracks written and recorded in the past year. The band is also getting ready for their forthcoming European Tour with dates in the Netherlands, Germany and Greece already confirmed.

The album begins with the instrumental "Choral Matins". A fine example of Eden’s ethereal sound with lush guitars. While on "Searching for Angel's Hands" that follows, a song that was originally released as a single back in 1990, we have Sean Bowley’s characteristic imposing vocal. The second new composition we find is "Guardian". A great song with nice moody guitars melodies. Next, we have the impressive "Rain Washed" from the "Gateway To The Mysteries" debut album. The title track that follows "East Of The Stars" is the third new song here. We find here also a new take of the "All the Time In The World", a slower dreamy track that is found on their 2017 album "The Edge Of Winter". The wonderful "Hymns And Mist" from 1994’s "Earthbound" follows, filled with layers of majestic melodies. Last track is the more eastern influenced "Stone Cat" from the EP of the same name released in 1996.

As ever the bands sonic pallet ranges from coldwave, darkwave, dream pop, gothic, post-punk and shoegaze. With this release they surely combine these elements majestically, making it also a great introduction to people who are not yet familiar with their work. The personnel on this release are Sean Bowley (vocal, electric guitars) and Anthony Cornish (guitar, keyboards, drum machine). It was recorded in Fryerstown and Toyland Studios, engineered and mixed by Anthony Cornish at Horizon Sound Studios and mastered by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios in Melbourne Australia. The album is pressed on 180gm coloured vinyl in two versions - a superb maroon and a green with smoke effect. The release is scheduled for release on the 11th of April 2020 and is strictly limited to 150 copies. The pre orders have begun.

Review by Nick Drivas.

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The 200 people that gathered at Temple Athens on Saturday 22nd of February were fortunate to witness a rare demonstration of pure gothic rock. Two bands that shared the stage, gave fantastic performances in front of a passionate crowd. I consider us Athenians to be very lucky, having been given the chance to see The Nosferatu (who reformed recently with their original founding members) perform their second only live show here in our city. The band that supported that night was none other than Opened Paradise, the leading gothic rock act in Greece.

OpenedParadise stepped onto the stage precisely at 9:30 as scheduled, starting off with "Senseless" from their debut album "Occult". With them was their new member Gregory (of post-punk / darkwave band Anima Triste) on second guitar. They continued with "Reverence" from their second album "Buried In Rain" and then with a nice selection from their discography, with "Deep Waters", "We Burn The Sky" that was played with great dynamic, "Leaving Dreamland" a personal favorite of mine and "Omega", a track from their EP "Tides". The band gave a really good performance, with great sound, delivering their heartful goth rock with singer Periklis dominating center stage delivering his passionate vocals. The songs "Sin" (a new song), "Visions Through The Circles Of Chaos" followed, closing their set with "Upon The Vast Universe".

TheNosferatu, were interviewed recently by Die Seele, prior to their live appearance here, telling us about the reasons of their reformation. At exactly 10:30, punctual like true Englishmen, the four band members Louis DeWray, Vlad Janicek, Rob Leydon, Chris Clark with backing vocalist Anastasia Resurrection started slowly appearing on the candle lighted stage, taking their positions, before launching into their set with "Alone". Immediately we were transported back to the early 90’s! From that first song we knew that we would be witnessing a very long overdue show by one of the iconic gothic rock legends of the 90’s Goth scene. Before we could catch our breath, they played us their ultimate hit "Dark Angel" with its characteristic heavy guitar riff. When playing this we saw the first human tower made in the audience, a goth tradition amongst diehard fans. They continued with the slower and beautifully romantic "Crysania". Singer Louis DeWray, wearing black shades, sung perfectly with his tortured heartbroken voice, moving with gentle moves, floating to and fro on the stage covered by the smoke. His fellow band mates, Vlad Janicek on bass, in true vampiric garb, was on his right and guitarist Rob Leydon (know also from his band Red Sun Revival) was on his left.

At this point they played us some new songs like the heavy "Demonicus" and the more atmospheric "For Eternity" and "Soliloquy", a song played for the first time live. Older tracks followed, such as "Abominations" from the album "Legend" and "Rise", "Vampyres Cry", "Lament", "Siren" from their legendary debut album "Rise" released way back in 1993. The band performed the old classics as they ought to be, true to their original form, backed by the great drumming of Chris Clark and the siren like backing vocals of Anastasia. They ended their set perfectly with "Close".

After a short break, where they introduced their band members and thanked the crowd for their warm welcome reception, they played for an encore the songs "Inside The Devil", "Lucy Is Read" and "The Wiccaman" leaving their fans surely satisfied.

Review+Photos:Nick Drivas

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The Moscow based label ScentAir Records has released the CD compilation "The Lighthouse Saga", as a limited edition. The lyrics of each piece here were written by the poet Lory Fayer and set to music by groups from various countries. The lyrics tell a sort of romantic saga with the romantic protagonists par excellence, a siren and a sailor. They illustrate the love between the two, starting from the poignant call of the magical creature who seeks his sailor, while in the background enchanted shores are outlined, albeit pervaded by melancholy, to arrive, after the painful collapse of all illusions and the end of hopes, to a union of souls, the overcoming of the material world and the triumph of the dream.

It was Lory who offered the lyrics to artists she considered suitable to interpret and put them into music and the results showed the validity of her choices. First, we have the Greek vocalist Elisabeth Kotronia (known also from her previous band En Garde) who opens the compilation with her refined 'classical' piano piece "Sirens Sing For Love" that interprets the siren's yearning for love. Then, with "The Lighthouse Dream" we find a collaboration between Lory who also presents the vocal part, and Silentport (Roman Rütten solo project), who knows how to give the song the right dose of gloomy evocation while on the atmospheric and melodic "Lost Sailor" the act Winter's Course collaborates with Francesca Nicoli (of Ataraxia) on vocals, the only piece in Italian. Deus Faust (aka André Savetier and Raymond Nelson) on "Al Di La Del Mare" cover the touching words with soft scenarios and poignant piano notes. Then, with the song "Awakening" we have the collaboration between Eirene and Paris Alexander, that offers a short ethereal and spooky interlude. The act Afterglow on "From Our Prison" cloaks in darkness what has now become a prison for the soul.

Halfway through we find Cendre Froide that present a post-punk arrangement for "Mal de Mer". On the next rack "Tomorrow Became Never", Nouvelle Culture with singer Carissa Denee, sing about solitude and despair in a more electro mood. While on "A Promise Left Behind" we have a classical arranged piece set to music by the Mexican Condemnatus. Immediately after, the Portuguese act The Dreams Never End with Sandra Pereira on vocals designs the most dramatic atmosphere for "Dangerous Game". Sadaemon, places the suggestive words of "Until The End Of the Years" in a heavenly background. The Italian Vestfalia’s Peace that gives life to one of the most beautiful episodes, "The Ghosts of the Lighthouse", romantic and evocative. The sad story of the mermaid and her sailor finally comes to an end with "Play A Serenade To The Moon" arranged respectively by the melodic coldwave act Antipole (featuring Eirene and Paris Alexander) and "My Little Siren" by Silentport.

Text by Nick Drivas with reference to MRS. LOVETT Italian review for ver sacrum

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