The Greek new wave/minimal synth band Convex Model released today, March 28th, their second album "Quantity Of Motion" on the German label Kernkrach. The project started in 2017 by Nick K. Maldoror (a.k.a. Nick Kapantzakis, member of Human Puppets, Plexiglas and Dislocation Genders). The sound landscapes of Convex Model are created by analogue equipment, instruments and plastic toys. Their self-released debut album "Life In A Glass Cube" was released in 2018.

The band from the northern city of Thesaloniki, Greece, have a love for 80's new wave, minimal synth and early post-punk. From the begging of the album, with "Sightless Open Door", we are introduced to their poppier side, a kind of nostalgic pop that has a slight melancholy feel. It’s the kind of music that seems appropriate for cloudy grey days. Following in the same footsteps we have "Distant Call", that’s a bit more minimal and then the darker "Hollow Inside". The first side of this limited edition vinyl LP ends with "Night Visit", a more up-tempo track that’s still haunting with its icy synths. What is evident by listening to this first side is the use of live drums, compared to the drum machine used on their first release. This has changed the sound of the band, making them sound more organic, as they do when performing live.

The second side opens with the punkier track "Politics Of Lust". Here, the lyrics are more political as the title suggests. We hear Nick singing “You don’t know how many tried surviving today, You don’t care how many died on this day, You don’t know how many were sent away, You don’t care how many cities were burnt away… Politics of lust they bring to you with glowing gold in their hands”. The melodic "Strange Machine" follows, characteristic of their minimal approach, with the melodies played on the keyboards standing out and Nick’s voice hovering in the distance. The tempo steps up on "Cracks In The Ceiling" where the rhythm section come to the foreground. Their dreamy "Illusions Made Of Solid Ice", sounds as if it came straight from the early 80’s, with its melodic bassline and retro synth sounds. A real trip down memory lane, with the words going “Walking down these corridors so long this line of sight, Looking back with eyes that hurt from artificial light”. The album ends with the more experimental piece "Almost A Song". The tone here is darker, with a dominating bass that thuds like a stressful heartbeat

Convex Model for these recordings are Nick Kapantzakis (synths/voice), Stavroula Tsiara (lyrics/visuals), Eleni Tzouna (synths), Kyriakos Tsakalidis. (drums) and George Papadopoulos (bass). The very striking cover design, which is very appropriate to the music it holds within, is designed by Manolis Nikitianos. The album is a limited edition release of 350, pressed in 180gr black vinyl, with added printed lyrics vinyl insert.

Review by Nick Drivas