KalteNacht (Cold Night) are a minimal/dark synth duet that has emerged from the Athenian underground the last couple of years. Their first self-titled full-length LP "Kalte Nacht" was released on March 12, 2020 amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic and the lockdown of everything. Composer Nikos Konstantinidis and singer Myrto Stylou have revealed all their sins and inner thoughts through the eight tracks that make up this 80’s inspired sounding album.

Opener is "GhostDance", a dark track with Myrto’s deep vocal dominating over the synthetic sounds and beats. While on "Humans Are Mistakes" we have a pure minimal track that also has some synthwave passages. Things get more rhythmic on "Sanctum", that builds a nice atmosphere with Myrto providing one of the best and more soulful vocals of the album. The first side ends with "Inmost Desire?" where the pace quickens A kind of punky minimal synth track with sharp abrupt sung vocals that sit perfectly on the rhythm.

The second side begins with "Nychta Skia" (Night Shadow), the first of two songs sung in Greek. This can be considered the single of the album, and as such, a video clip was made for it directed by Nikos Chatzis (of Press Eject and Give me the Tape productions). Like the whole album, the themes lyrically and sonically here rotate around the night, something that conjures up visions of urban night scenes. This is also very evident on the next track "A Rare Obsession" where the beat calms down and which also differs with its distinctive bass played by Nikos. The next track "Voices In Silence" is not new to us here at Die Seele, since it was on our "Stimmen Der Seele Vol. 3" compilation two years ago. But here on the album version, Myrto’s vocals have been added over. The album closes with the short two minute "Kalte Nächte", a spoken word piece in Greek filled with sounds and noises as if from a movie soundtrack.

All songs where written and performed by Kalte Nacht, with Nikos Konstantinidis on synths, bass, backing vocals and Myrto Stylou on lead vocals. The guitars on tracks "Inmost Desire?" and "Kalte Nächte" where provided by Panagiotis Dedepsidis (of the post-punk band Data Fragments). The album was engineered and mixed by Nikos Triantafyllou at Sonic Playground and mastered by Iraklis Vlachakis. The cool minimal artwork that fits perfectly with the music was done by Danai Margariti. The album has been released by Geheimnis Records in 300 copies, half of them on black and half on yellow vinyl.

Review by Nick Drivas