Lupe is a solo project that was created when the album "Burn" happened to be born. The album is the outcome of many strange, unusual days, based on improvisation, spontaneity and pure expression of thoughts and feelings. The man behind this is Michalis Latousakis, lead singer of the Greek gothic rock band Mosquito. He describes his music here on his first solo attempt as gothspel.

The nice thing about solo projects is that the artist is freer to improvise and not getting trapped in the usual norm of a band or some genre stereotype. The album begins with the instrumental piano piece "The Door", serving as an introduction to his music. While with the next track "Burn My Desire" we get to hear Lupe’s voice that sounds very haunting. His deep vocals in general sound spooky with his characteristic vibrato. The song "Why" could have been a theme from a dark (goth) rock opera. The piano in the intro sounds like it’s from and empty mansion. The guitars and bass where provided here with the help of his fellow band mates from Mosquito, James and Jare. In the same tone we have "Dedicated Rain" that as it  gradually grows, it reaches a peak.

"Have You Ever" was accompanied by a very professional video directed by Domniki Kastanaki. Showing urban scenes of decay, displacement and the main figure feeling unoriented in its surroundings. Lupe’s vocals here are even more passionate and distressful. While on "Cold Surrender" the crisp beat of the drum machine is accompanied by strings giving it a more dark romantic tone. The next song "Timeless" is another piano piece that has Lupe’s deep baritone voice that later transcends into a more synth track with some really high pitched vocals. On "She'll Burn The Dawn" things get a bit more classical. The same could be said for "Till That Day" that also features guitars by Kastan (George Kastanakis) who is also responsible for the artwork. The last track "Burned Down" due to the piano, synths and strings, make it sound so neoclassical in style.

In general, we find here many elements of electronic rock, dark cabaret, darkwave, gothic with a dramatic, almost theatrical and cinematic feel. The album was released on digipak CD in October 2019 by Alcyone Records, from Thessaloniki, Greece. The booklet inside contains all the lyrics of the songs.

Review by Nick Drivas