The Black Capes are a Greek gothic rock band formed in 2016. They first released their debut album "All These Monsters" in 2017. Now they return with their second album "Lullabies For The Dead" in April 2020, on the German Dark Tunes label.

The album begins in a very dynamic way with "And I Wait". A classic goth rocker, with very powerful guitars and a catchy chorus line. The video, directed by Sergio Ko and Please Insert Coin, depicts the band performing in a dim lite room. The track "Sprinkle Your Sand Morpheus" follows. Here things get darker, with singer Alexander S Wamp providing some deep vocals, while guitarist Thanos Jan follows providing the guitar riffs. Next up is their cover of The Cult’s classic song "Rain". A very fine cover indeed, where the band has managed to incorporate the song into their own style without altering the original elements of this timeless classic. Major difference is Ian Astbury’s characteristic Cherokee style has been replace with o more monolithic vocal. Things get more melodic with the guitar driven "The Blood Is The Life", where Alexander’s partially harsh vocal is almost spoken word. The song is also enhanced sonically with some theremin.

The album continues in the same vein but maybe with a more hark rock vibe, like on the tracks "From Beyond The Grave", "A Dream Of The Tower" and "The Gun Of Love" which has some nice piano touches to it. Their influences, bands such as Type o Negative, The 69 Eyes, The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim and The Mission can all be heard here in these songs, like "Welcome To The Necroclub" and "Gotham" that have a bit of all. The album closes with slower "War Is Where You Make It", the longest track of the record. Here, the band offer a dark epic track with a more doom atmosphere.

In general, the band, consisting of Alexander S Wamp on vocals, Thanos Jan on guitar, Dorian Gates on bass and Christos Grekas on drums, deliver us some really fine guitar driven groove goth rock with some nice growls. The album was very finely produced by Peter Rutch (known for his work with acts such as Parkway Drive, Deez Nuts, Falling In Reverse etc) who had also worked on the band’s debut. The artwork is by Angry Blue (of Guns & Roses, Iggy Pop, Faith No More, Slayer and Melvins fame).

Review by Nick Drivas