The legendary Greek band Lefki Symphonia Λευκή Συμφωνία, who had reunited in 2017, have returned with their new fifth album titled "Σαν Τον Ήλιο / Like The Sun". Their last album was released way back in 1996. The 10 new tracks perfectly serve the band's dark wave / post-punk style in a very contemporary way. The band has stated that they have incorporated melancholic and atmospheric soundscapes with psychedelic and progressive colors. It is a release that stands without any effort, right next to the group's previous gems, which were so decisive for the Greek independent and dark scene. Original members Theodoros Dimitriou (vocals) and Diogenis Chatzistefanidis (bass) are now backed by Kostas Mihalos (guitar) and Vangelis Tsimplakis (drums).

The opening track "Μέχρι Τον Θάνατο/Until Death" was the first of the 2 digital singles that had been widely accepted by their fans prior to the album’s release. A great track that combines all those elements that made this band loved. Nice melodic guitar riffs over sturdy basslines with esoteric poetic lyrics. They are one of the rare cases where a Greek alternative band sung in Greek. The second track "Με Μία Κραυγή/With A Scream" instantly grabs your attention from the very first blast of the thumping drums and bass. A brutal memorable dark composition that is characterized by its dark 80s bassline sound and its alt.rock guitar outbursts. They continue with another dynamic driven track "Μαύρο Φως/Black Light" that’s laid with varied guitar arpeggios, rock riffs and solos. Things get dreamy with "Όνειρο Μέσα Σε Όνειρο/Dream Within A Dream" where for the lyrics, poetry of Edgar Allan Poe has been used. The atmosphere is kept calm also on the moody "Σβήσε Τα Ίχνη/Erase The Signs". Despite the calmness, the track has a dynamic to it. The bass and drums have a great live sound to them, offering a perfect ground for the guitars to lay over their themes.

On the second digital single "Σαν Τον Ήλιο/Like The Sun" that follows, singer and lyricist Theodoros has also incorporated poetry of Romos Filiras. This is a perfect example of their epic pop rock songwriting. Its full of an 80’s feel that’s fits well with Theodoros melancholy vocals. Whereas, on "Χρόνια Σιωπηλά/Silent Years" we have a more melodic post-punk / darkwave track, that apart from the two singles is surely a standout. On "Μήνυμα/Message" the band heads for more psychedelic landscapes with the help of slide guitar, especially at the intro. As the song evolves it steps into their familiar ground, as does the next song "Δάκρυ/Tear", that of a alt.rock with 80’s and 90’s elements. The album closes with the emotional ballad "Εκεί Που Ο Άνεμος Ρωτάει Για Εσένα/There Where The Wind Is Asking For You" that as it proceeds it reaches a climax.

The album has been released by Labyrinth Of Thoughts records in association with The Lab records on March 27th digitally and in 3 physical editions: 200 copies in silver vinyl, 300 copies in black vinyl and 200 copies on digipack cd. All editions are accompanied by extensive inlays with lyrics in Greek and English.

Review by Nick Drivas