The new album by Ataraxia is a 7 (very long) tracks concept album, referring to the Holy number of 7, like the colours of the rainbow or of the Archangels of the Ortodox doctrine.

Every track of the album is dedicated το an Archangel and to his  correspondent etheric energy. The aim of this music is to create with the vibration of the notes a spiritual path toward Knowledge and the Divine, both the one dwelling above and the divine sparkle within us, that for syncronicity is going to be published in those hard days that will shape a new future.

"Iniziazione" has a mystic-alchemic atmosphere that with the music that reminds of progressive, and the voice of Francesca Nicoli, that ranges from angelic-like highs to a summoning like spoking calling of Gabriel, the archangel from which is inspired this first track.

 "Nebula" has a slow, sweetly dream like bucolic music, that brings us back to the magic harmony of the lost Golden Age, outlined also by the voice of Francesca, that here sings in italian a praise to the beauty of Mother Nature. Listening to it you can feel back in Eden experiencing the bliss of the Eternal Harmony. Gabriel is the archangel of the Announcement, and I like to think that composing its song they could have imagined him to come and announce the awakening of  mankind and our awakening under a new consciousness.

"Oneness" has an epic atmosphere, like the legend of Michael, the Archangels that picked up the Sword to defeat the Dragon and save Heaven. It conveys strength and at the same time love and connection with the Divine, because warriors fight for love, and their (here ethereal) land, returns its devotion with angelic choirs praises, masterfully interpreted by Francesca.

"Sex is a prayer", is opened by the contrast between the "heavy" bassline and the sweet and seducing voice of Francesca, that sound like a representation of the male-female duality; then the music rises, like the heartbeat in a climax, to return slow and sweet again, like the moment when two lovers embrace, and join their souls in the higher communion of two souls that have experienced for a while the pleasure of returning a whole. This song is dedicated to  Chamael, the ruler of Love, and of the Quest for the Holy Graal, because what else could be in that divine Chalice if not Love in its purest, deepest form?

"Radiance" is an hypnotic track, that gives a divine vertigo, taking us in a sort of Elevation - vertigo. The mystical side is out stands in the repeated OM, on which Francesca sings with a voice ranging from high to deeply evocative words that might be inspired by both Buddhism and the iconology of  Jehudiel, because when  our awareness is enlightened by a higher radiance, names and doctrines doesn't matter any more, as we witness the nameless essence of the Truth.

"The timeless" brings us back to a blissful atmosphere, but this track, instead of the Harmony with the material Nature, makes me think more about the journey of a soul back to the Source of everything. The echoes of the voice at the beginning make me thing about the dismay at the Gate where immensity becomes Infinite, and time becomes time-less, because it loses its meaning into Eternity, then, note after note, line after line, the music, the voice of Francesca succeed in the ultimate Transmutation of the White Opera: the Return, after being purified by  Tdzadkiel's flame.

"Beyondness" is the ultimate step of this journey, and to me is like an artistic door opening on the mindset of of an Initiated: people whose sight and mind stretch beyond the appearance of a moment or of a situation to reach the deep reason and meaning of life and whatever happens during it. For this reason the song, dedicated to Uriel, the ruler of extrasensorial gifts, has a transcendent aura, a sense of duality, of being "here" and somewhere else at the same time.

Review by Lory Dusk