The legendary Clan Of Xymox have just released their 13th studio album "Spider On The Wall" (not counting the 4 albums released under the name Xymox) and first in three years. The new album has 10 new songs with their signature blend of darkwave / electro and melancholic rock. The album is out July 24th via Trisol and Metropolis Records.

The opener is "She" the first single that was released initially on Valentine’s day, February 14th. A beautiful danceable old-school post-punk track that meets modern darkwave and goth, with classic post-punk guitars and eerie ethereal synths. With the next song "Lovers", the second single off the album, we have a calmer romantic but painfully heartbroken track. Things step up again with "Into The Unknown" with its driving beat and jangly guitars. Their classic electro driven darkwave is all over "All I Ever Know" that was released as the third single in July. Here the beat gets more electro and playful, but the atmosphere balances with Ronny’s characteristic melancholic and desperate vocal tone. In similar vibe, but less electro and more darkwave, we have "I Don't Like Myself".

Halfway through we have the title track "Spider On The Wall", a dark elegiac track with thumping drums. Next is "When We Were Young", another dark track with a brooding bassline. "Black Mirror" that follows continues in the same darkwave/goth style with a chant like chorus. As with all the second half of the album, "My New Lows" is among their more darkwave post-punk driven tracks. The same could be said for "See You On The Other Side" that closes the album. A more upbeat track with a more positive feel.

One again frontman Ronny Moorings has delivered a modern-day classic darkwave / goth album. In general, by listening to the whole album, we see that the band have managed to sound more like their self-titled debut album and of their second studio album "Medusa", released on 4AD in the 80’s, merging the old and the new in a great inspired way.

Review by Nick Drivas