The Beauty Of Gemina is a band from Switzerland founded by Michael Sele in 2006. They just released their ninth album "Skeleton Dreams" on September 4th, 2020. The Zürich band are known for their blend of darkwave, americana, alternative rock and indie-folk wave.

 The opener "A Night Like This" served as a single with its video released a few days before the album. A classic example of their dark alt. rock with melodic guitars and Michael Sele’s characteristic voice. Then with "Naked" we have a semi-acoustic stripped bare track. Like much of the album, the songs are very emotional and dreamy in feel. On the acoustic "Maybe God Knows" things get more American folk, while on "Friends Of Mine" we have an even more stripped down acoustic track with a haunted feel, with some nice strings adding to the atmosphere. In the same vein we have "Resurgence" but more electric. The atmosphere is more subtle again with "Where Has It All Gone" that has some nice strumming guitars and icy keyboards.

 Halfway through we have "Rainbow Man", another dive in dark Americana territory. Followed by "Dark Suzanne" on which they pick up on the pace. Next is their brilliant cover of the Sisters Of Mercy song "Nine While Nine" where they have brought this classic to match their own sound. We have a return to the acoustic set up with the gentle "I Come To Grief" before the band burst into the melodic electric guitar driven "Apologise", a song that had premiered earlier in July when it was released as a first single and the official video was uploaded. The album finishes with the gentle bare acoustic tracks "The World Is Going On" and the ending piano piece "Hold On To This Night".

 Overall, a great sounding album by a band that has left nothing to chance. The band here consist her of Michael Sele (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, grand piano, organ, keyboards, arrangements and programming), Philipp Küng (bass guitar, percussions, keyboards, arrangements), Andi Zuber (bass guitar) and Mac Vinzens (drums). The music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Sele at Icecube Studio Mels, during March - June 2020 and was produced by Michael Sele and Philipp Küng.


Review by Nick Drivas