The pioneers of deathrock, Mephisto Walz, have returned with the new album "All These Winding Roads". The album is now available digital, released September 2nd, but will also be out on CD by Dark Vinyl Records. Mephisto Walz was formed in 1986 by Barry Galvin (aka Bari-Bari) after his departure from the influential deathrock band Christian Death. After a long career Bari-Bari is now with Myriam Galvin on vocals and had first worked together on their previous album "Scoundrel" in 2017.

 As stated by Bari-Bari, who has done all the production, the album is described as “New vocalists, new songs, unreleased tracks, old vocalists merged into a new release”. Something that is obvious from the first track "The Lost And Haunted" that features Veronica Campbell (of Death Loves Veronica) on vocals and words. Then on "They'll Never Find You", a great track that shows that Mephisto Walz still have what it takes, we have Mari Kattman on vocals with Myriam writing the words. Next is the cover of The Hollies pop song "Stop In The Name Of Love" featuring on vocals Christine Leonard, Mephisto Walz’s first female singer. While on "Is This Really My Life" with Mari Kattman on vocals and Myriam writing the words we have one of the more ethereal songs of the album. As on all the album, we hear Bari-Bari's signature songwriting style and distinctive wall of chorus/delay-effected guitar sound. Another cover follows with the 1960’s instrumental "Apache" written by Jerry Lordan.

 Veronica Campbell appears also on "When No One's Left To Hear", a classic upbeat oldschool deathrock track. The cover "Like The Wind" follows with vocals provided by Alastrelle Delyon (of Dead Souls Rising). A 80’s rock song written by an unknown artists that has become famous as “The Most Mysterious Song On The Internet”. Things calm down and get darker on "Here Lies Forever" featuring Veronica Campbell who provides once again vocals and words. In the same vein, but more atmospheric, we have "Firefly" with vocals and lyrics provided by Johna. We get to hear beloved Christine Leonard again on "Skin", the classic Madonna cover originally released on the "Virgin Voices / A Tribute To Madonna" in 2000. The album closes with the more dynamic "Suntanned Satans", with thumping drums, screaming guitars and Bari-Bari taking lead vocals.

 Review by Nick Drivas