The dark electronic project Metal Disco released their third album "Sex, Drugs & Hardware" on September 8th, 2020 on Werkstatt Recordings. On this release Metal Disco (main man Toxic Razor) has collaborated with various artist from the indie dark electronic scene.

 First, we get into the electronic vibe of the album with "Nowy Wymiar", a track featuring Marta Raya (known to us from her previous band Monowelt) on vocals and lyrics. On "Inexorable Romance", we have Toxic Razer singing a more oldschool electro/EBM track. In the same vein we have "Aurora Resurgens" with lyrics by Keren Batok (courtesy Of Psi, Isotropia & Red Sol). The tone changes on "For A Ghost Named Lothario" that features Sky Lesco (of Tearful Moon) on vocals and lyrics. Here the analog synths are more evident, giving it a more retro feel. Next is "Addiction" a night synth track with Toxic Razer himself again on vocals.

 The mood changes with the more danceable "Excess (feat. Night Haze)" where we find PlasticineK taking lead vocals. On the next track "Sore Heart" the lyrics are provided by Chroma Carbon (courtesy of Factice Factory / Sine Silex). We have another collaboration on "Dimensions Of The Eye" that features the Greek dark/minimal wave duo Incirrina and especially Irini Tini’s characteristic vocals. Toxic Razer steps up again to the mic stand for "Burn It Down", a track that has all the elements of the darkwave, minimal, new wave and synth-pop genres as on the ending title-track "Sex, Drugs & Hardware".

 This release comes in a limited-edition CD professionally duplicated cd in shrink-wrap, in a standard jewel case with an 8-page booklet with lyrics. Also, it comes as a limited-edition cassette in black shell, in a clear case and a double-sided printed 3-panel j-card with lyrics.


Review by Nick Drivas