The electronic, avant-garde, dark ambient, experimental, industrial noise project from Greece, Conjecture, has just released a new EP "∫V". This is a companion EP to his full-length LP "V" (released on Amek in 2019). According to the artist, in mathematical language the “∫” means “complete” and so the record contains previously unheard music, written during the recording sessions of "V".

 The EP consists of three previously unheard solo pieces of Conjecture's signature introspective yet powerful take on post-industrial music, but also features three guest interpretations (remixes) of the same material. First is "ΛΑΣΠΗ" (Mud), with Conjectures familiar apocalyptic soundscapes. A kind of nocturnal track filled with distant industrial noises in a dark ambient setting. On the next track "ΦΟΝΟΣ" (Murder) things get a bit more intense, dominated by a monotonous drum strike and an icy synth line. The third new composition is "ΛΥΜΗ" (Great Depression) where the noises get louder around a revolving motoric synth rhythm that later intensifies with the addition of a metallic sounding drumbeat.

 The second part of this EP features the three remixes, that re-envision Conjecture's music and bring its already deep and nuanced sound to a whole new level. The track "ΛΑΣΠΗ (Antechamber Remix)" is treated by the Viennese producer Mahk Rumbae, who amplifies Conjectures more delicate ambient approach with more emphasis on the industrial noises. The same could be said for "ΦΟΝΟΣ (Tалос Remix)", mixed by the audio visual project duo Tалос, that also has added vocals provided by Glen Tartaglia of the project ]interstice[. While on "ΛΥΜΗ (Late Remix)" by Emil Mitov of the experimental music project Late from Sofia, Bulgaria, we have yet another take on an original filtered through the remixer’s own prism.

 All music was written by Vasilis Angelopoulos between 2018-2019 and was mastered by Sotiris Laskaris. The cover photo is by Vaia Pilafa, with cover model Hawk Stigmata (of the project Liebchen). Apart from the digital release, "∫V" will also be available as a limited-edition cassette C30, limited to 66 copies.


Review by Nick Drivas