The project Liebchen was setup in the mid 2010s in Berlin by Hawk Stigmata (Apostolis Zanias) known from his previous bands Phoenix Catscratch και Flesh United. Now having returned to Athens he has teamed up with Vasilis Angelopoulos (Conjecture) and released on September 3rd, 2020 their first EP "Daemon". So, the electronic hybrid duo featured on this release is Hawk Stigmata, who provides the lyrics and vocals and Conjecture who produces the electronic punk-industrial EBM sounds.

 First track is "Sickness". A track that was first heard back in March when uploaded as a video directed by MarIa Damkalidi. The track is a powerful breed of electro and industrial EBM with Hawk spitting out passionately his esoteric but socially political lyrics like “I was a witness, to this sickness”. Next is "Hold Me Tighter", a more industrial based track with a deep metronomic stomp. Lyrically, the song is emotional set, with feelings of despair “Like a liar on a witch trial, drink the fire and take the blame, like a liar on a witch trial, don’t you feel the same?” and longingness “If you wanna hold me tighter, I will ask you now to stay, If you wanna hold me tighter, you can always call my name…”

 On "Embrace My Blood" we have a danceable synth track with a rhythm enhanced with break beats, while on "ΠΕΤΡΑ (Petra / Stone)" the duo has managed to bring a nice sense of brutality and sensitivity in the same song. The inspiration for "ΠΕΤΡΑ" came from an important life event that happened to Liebchen and is dedicated to all the children that have been bullied out there, all the freaks, the free spirits, their LGBTQ brothers and sisters and to all the children that didn't make it and never saw the light “But please stay alive, I’ll promise you the light…”. The EP closes with the electronically fueled up "Desire". Here things get more techno fused with Hawk all fired up singing “There’s fire now in the temple, a sadness in your eyes…” and “Desire! Fotia! Can you taste that desire?!”.

 The lyrics written by Hawk Stigmata in general are an expression of the hunger that human brain has in order to complete the journey of the heart. All the songs, according to the band, are an electronic political statement about freedom lgbtq/human rights and a big respect and dedication towards freedom that bring us closer to the great divine.

 Review by Nick Drivas