Meat Injection released their debut album "System Anomaly" in June 2020 on Brazilian Wave Records based in São Paulo. The album comes as a CD ecopack with 4 panels, limited to 200 copies. It can also be found digitally. The band was formed on February 2016 in Athens, Greece and has played live in numerous gigs. Their debut was the "Death For Fun" EP released in 2016 on InClub Records with former singer Plasticine K. On this release, the band now consist of Dimitris Katsikadis and singer Cleopatra Kaido (formerly of the band Drama Queen).

 The album was mainly created by the need to express the paradox of our times. It was recorded between 2019-2020 and contains 10 songs. The album kicks off with the title track "System Anomaly", an up-tempo track that combines all the bands influences from alternative rock, electro, new wave, coldwave, darkwave and goth. The tempo drops on "Dead Santa" and steps up only on the chorus. The impressive "Chemical Romance" is a dark track with an aggressive trip-hop beat (recalling acts like Massive Attack). On "A Heart Made Of Sand" we have another electronic driven tune that has a somewhat angry and disillusioned vocals from Cleopatra.

 Halfway through we have more rocker "Last Endlessly Lust" followed by the more emotional "A Touch In A Dungeon". Next, we have an instrumental with the provocative title "Deadly Horny Priest", a kind of electronic improvisation. Things get rhythmic again on "Chaotic Ride" and "Black Out Sentiment", ending with the dynamic, passionate and upfront assault of "Time Infection".


Review by Nick Drivas