The Greek artist Nick Frontman has returned with his sixth album "Nostalgia" released on his own Mystery Records label. The album contains eight new tracks, 6 in English and 2 in Greek, all in gothic and electro goth style. It was initially released on a small scale in limited copies a year ago in December 2019, but it wasn’t until this year that it was pressed on CD. Nick Frontman managed to present the album live at Death Disco just days before the first lockdown of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Nick Frontman is no stranger to the local Greek underground scene, with a career spanning from the early 90’s having performed live in numerous events. As on his last two albums, "Φαντάσματα" and "Today Is The Tomorrow Of Yesterday", he continues in the same vein binding goth and electro. The opener "The Healer" is low key electronic piece drenched with distorted guitar and Frontman’s harsh voice. Things get more rhythmic on "Live Now & Die Later" a darkwave/synth track. As on most of his songs, the main themes revolve around the lust and loss of love. As on the sentimental "Nostalgia" which is musically one of the best tracks on the album, with some great keyboards and matching guitars that create a romantic atmosphere. Next there is a change of style with the guitar driven rock track "The Night" with Nick’s nicotine and whiskey soaked voice. Then again the tone changes with the melancholy piano driven "Κύκνειο Άσμα" (Swan Song), the first where he sings in Greek. After an epic synth intro, "Border Line" transforms into a more dynamic track, one that has stood out at his latest live appearances. The second song sung in Greek is "Το Βλέμμα" (The Look), a dark post-punk track with a very 80’s sound. The last track, "Gothic Fans", is a classic 90’s danceable electrogoth track that as the title suggests is a tribute to all gothic fans around the world.

 Apart from Nick Frontman on lead vocals, the album features Dimis Levidis on guitar, bass, synths, programming and George Gavras on synths, keyboards, programming. It was recorded at Sound Machine Studio and mastered by George Scordilis.

 Review by Nick Drivas.