The Texas duo Delphine Coma returned with their second album "Tortuosa" released in October 2020, on the Swiss Dark Nights label, two years after their debut "Leaving The Scene". Delphine Coma combines elements of post-punk, shoegaze, and darkwave to create their own unique and entrancing sound using lush atmospheres and harsh guitars to create entrancing soundscapes that blur genres. It’s members Ashe Ruppe (former The Elysium Facade, Trance to the Sun, Nocturn) and Amendoa Lizzbeth Tamburri have described their music as "The ideal meeting between Sisters of Mercy and My Bloody Valentine".

 The album begins with the dark and hypnotic "Light And Shadow" where the guitar sonics really bring to the atmosphere. The rhythm kicks in on "Dissolve" although hidden behind their solid wall of sound of synth and guitar with Ashe’s vocal mixed in the misty haze. In the same lines we have the song "Lost All Feeling". While on "Plastic Flowers" the guitar riffs step to the foreground and Ashe’s singing get more melodic. Things change on "Arrival" that features vocals by Eric Cope (of Glorious Din) and has a jumpy bassline. The next track, "Secondary Eyes", a dynamic track that stands out has a more upfront vocal. Although things step back again into more atmospheric more with "Desolation", the track is a treat. As the album progresses, things get more addictive as they enter more gothic rock territory on the desolate "Mirror Of Ice". In similar gothic mode we have "Death Of" with its throbbing bass, icy synths and Ashe’s voice sounding even more like Andrew Eldritch. The album closes in similar vein with "Tension", a bleak track driven by a brooding bass and a minimal stark drum machine with all the instruments building a heavy atmosphere over them.

 This collection of ten tracks has managed to fit all the qualities of the darkwave and goth genre. The band delivers all these known to us sounds and styles with their own personality, bearing fruit to a great record for fans of dark scene. The album "Tortuosa" has been released on CD and 12" vinyl in various colors. In red marble vinyl and white with black splatter.


Review by Nick Drivas