NU.N (Francisco Vaudeville [bass and live back vocals] Pedro Eternal [guitar] and Tarannis M. [vocals, synths, and studio overdubs]) are a band from Portugal formed in 2014. The name of the band was taken from ancient Egyptian mythology, NUN is the meter that represents the cosmic liquid that gave rise to the universe, it’s the liquid abyss, the abyss that we sink while listening to their melodies by their EP called "I will show you fear in a handful of dust". NU.N manage to combine the modern and the old school goth in an excellent way. This Ep is a part from a trilogy, It was only released in vinyl, with three different covers, which make a puzzle of an image. Apart from that, the band will release 2 singles in March, songs that would be included in the last album of the trilogy in September.

The EP begins with the Toutouic, a dark and hypnotic lullaby, with Eve Doyon and her sweet voice travelling us to the unknown.The First official single from the EP maybe is one of my favorites of the band, “Shadows of love...in contempt'', a song of love but not a typical one, the lover is a goddess before his eyes who uncovers and feeds all his sins. The stunning backing vocals of Tarannis transmit to us his tense and the music drives our souls to a higher level.Νext track “Midnight's Inertia” is a dynamic track that really kicks in, with strong and fast guitars riffs.  The song is followed by the “Brave New World” with a fine combination of synth and guitars. Things change on “Tomorrow we will say our goodbyes ( a nocturnal Fragment)”, an atmospheric and hazy ballad and they change again on “Gotas de la remembranza”, originally recorded in the CD "Oblivion" by Remembrance, a melodic song that I loved the first time I heard it.

This Ep doesn't stick to a monochromatic texture throughout the whole album, It’s a combination of 6 tracks that managed to fit all the qualities of the goth genre.