The Man & His Failures released their second EP titled "ΜΜΧΧ". Apart from being available digitally, it has also been released physically in limited cassette format by the Thessaloniki based label Smash Records. With this release, Manos Karakatsanis, the main figure behind The Man & His Failures, has compiled all his work from the year 2020, hence the name.

 First up is "Persona Non Grata (Ver.MMXX)", a track that introduced us to them from their first EP back in 2018. Here we have a new, more updated version of the song, that’s has been enhanced with better production and more electronic elements. Next is  "Nothing" that was originally released as a video in June 2019 and then as a digital single in January 2020. Here is when Manos presented us with his new direction, that of a more electronically fueled alternative rock, retaining his minimal and darkwave elements. The upbeat "The Dagger" that follows was also a digital single released in April 2020. This track also continues in the same revamped style of its predecessor and has a groovy bassline running all the way through it. It is followed by "The Dagger[Conjecture Remix]" that was its b-side. Here, Vasilis Angelopoulos (Conjecture), has transformed the track into a dark post-apocalyptic theme, where only Manos distorted vocals are recognizable from the original. Next, we have "Nothing [George Nikas Remake]" another b-side. This more atmospheric take was treated by George Nikas (The Noise Figures, Holy Monitor) with vocals by Eirini Argyri (of the band Church Of The Sea) that really take the track to another level. The closing track "P.N.G. Ver.MMXX [Instrumental]" in an instrumental version of another older track taken from the first EP "Persona Non Grata". This version is much more dynamic, and dance orientated.

 The tracks where mixed and mastered at Top Floor Studios, Athens by Panos Tsekouras (Mani Deum), while the artwork was provided by Nun Other. Apart from main man Manos K. (voices, lyrics, music, vision) he is backed up by Alekos Sorros (beats, synths, loops, music), Memos Pilaftsis (electric guitars, FX) and Dimitris Georgopoulos (electric bass, FX) who also appear with him on stage.

Review by Nick Drivas