A new Greek electronic act has emerged called Πύργος Αθηνών / Pyrgos Athinon. The name translated in English is Athens Tower, taken from the tallest building in Greece, located near the center of Athens. A picture of the tower is also depicted on the cover. The duo’s debut "210" was digitally released in January 2021 containing three tracks.

 The first track "Έργο Ανεκπλήρωτο" (Project Unfulfilled) is a lengthy piece of pure futurepop, taking us back to the 00’s when this genre was at its peak. After a noisy intro, the synths and beats steps in revealing a futuristic score that is also enhanced with the robotic sounding vocals. Their electronic waves go hand in hand with city inspired poetry of anthropomorphism. On the second track "Λιμάνι" (Port), the beat gets stronger. Here we have an EBM tune that’s more dynamic and is even more pumped up with the more aggressive, desperate claustrophobic, drowned vocals hailing in the background. Third and final track is "Χάλκινες Λεωφόροι" (Brass Avenues), is a darker piece that has a more nocturnal urban vibe. This one is a more oldschool industrial synthpop in style, with heavy vocoder used on the vocals.


Review by Nick Drivas