The Greek minimal synth artist Doric has returned with his new full-length album "Great Dead Cities" released digitally in February 2021 and with the vinyl (transparent clear and black) format to follow, out on the German label Cold & Young records. Doric (aka Stathis Leontiadis) has delivered a great piece of work, true to his DIY and analogue spirit, stating that “The Time has come, to lock yourself, to face the void, to lose yourself”.

 The album begins in the best of ways with the monumental track "Shades". A desperate cold wave tune, that’s still filled with humanity, with Doric’s despair found all over the bleak lyrics. “In your heart, in your coal black heart, you close the door and shut the world away...”. After that, we have the addictive "Start Of The Lie", that just shows that Stathis was in great form when recording this. On the next "The Breach" we have all those 80’s synth pop electronic elements with a little touch of 70’s Kraftwerk. While on the following "A-Live" and "Images" he displays effortlessly his beloved minimal wave, synth punk style. He expands the atmosphere on the instrumental "Ορχηστρικό Νο.5" where his synth melodies float lovely over the synthetic rhythm. On "Something To Hold" we have a shift to a bit more new wave direction, mainly due to his singing. Reminiscent of decades long gone by, but still heartfelt. The album closes with "Cities Are Dead", the last of eight tunes, showcasing yet again Doric’s expertise in cold, desolate soundscapes with live electronics

 All the songs where written, performed and produced by Stathis Leontiadis in Athens, 2020. His signature sound is dependent on the equipment he uses. All analogue machines such as Korg Kr-55, Roland Tr-505 Rhythm Composer, Roland Tr-8s and Dreadbox Typhon, Korg Arp Odyssey FS, Moog Minitaur, Minimoog Model D, Octave The Cat Srm, Sequential Circuits Six-Trak synths. The album artwork is by Demeter of 5th Floor Entertainment.


Review by Nick Drivas