The Greek darkwave duo Grey Gallows, having spent almost a year during the pandemic producing their latest material, has just released their new album "Garden Of Lies". This time they have joined forces with the German label Cold Transmission Music, in order to release their brand new third album. Since 2017 when they first appeared with their self produced debut "Beyond Reflection", they have made a name for themselves with every new release and live appearance. Their sound has evolved since then and as we can see and hear on the new album, their collaboration with sound designer Nick (TheMute) Chalntoupis, has brought out the best of their dark 80s and 90s sound.

 First up is the album title track "Garden Of Lies", a dark gothy addictive tune that shows how the band has evolved production wise. On "Love Moan" that follows in the same vein, the brooding bass haunts all the backbone of the track. Like on all tracks, Konstantin’s deep vocals set the emotional tone of the songs. This is evident on "The Fall" where his singing matches perfectly with his synths and Dionisi’s nice atmospheric guitar work. The same could be said for the slower "At The Crack Of The Dawn", a majestic dark song that really stands out. The next track "Dissociation" features Cleopatra Kaido, singer and front woman of the dark electro band Meat Injection. Her voice here blends perfectly with the band’s sound bringing in a different element, that of female sensibility. Things return back to normal with "Don't Bring Flowers", with Konstantin’s classic vocal, cold synths and Dionisi’s dark basslines and melodic new wave guitars. Things get more electronic on "Cold Hearts", that is more synth-pop but still dark and romantic. Then on "Grey Is Our Colour" the beat drops and the duo delivers an epic dark atmospheric track that has some very nice eastern elements. As in all the songs, their lyrics deal with the pain of human existence, as it can be seen through love, life and death. They themselves say “Grey is the color of life, for all things that die…’’. Their matured songwriting and great production, as on the whole album, is also showcased on darkwave track "Peels Of Time". The last track "All Men", an instrumental with only a sampled voice at the beginning, shows the band experimenting more their dark electronics.

 The album already comes as a compact disc in 6-panel digipack, including 8-pages booklet. Pre-orders have begun for the limited edition 12" violet transparent and black vinyl that will include a lyrics sheet. Shipping for the vinyl formats will start approximately in mid May 2021. The cover photo is by Marilia Fotopoulou with the artwork done by Infrared Media. Ending this review, I will like to say that for all darkwave and goth fans, this album is a real treat.


Review by Nick Drivas