Paradox Obscur is a dark electronic duo from Athens Greece. They formed in January 2014 by Toxic Razor and Kriistal Ann in order to step into a more minimal direction than their previous projects. They have released four full length albums and five Eps and they have just signed their collaboration with Metropolis Records, and on March 12 they released their latest album “Singles and Rarities”, a collection and not a studio album of 12 individual songs they had written throughout their existence.  The band experimented on dark wave, cold wave, synth pop and minimal tunes.

I really like this album, the old school synthesizers, the drum machines, the cold and other times passionate vocals remind us of the 80’s atmosphere.

The album begins with the “Existence” with 80’s synth pop electronic elements and Toxic Razor on vocals and continues with “Visions” with a more minimal approach and Kriistal Ann on vocals.

“Do you really want to go there in the darkness and crowds?” the third song “Boulevard Voltaire” is one of my favorites of this album, both artists sing, Kriistal Ann whispers "Je t'aime mon coeur " a desperate cry of love and hurt.  On “Fatal” there is a bit more electro direction due to the music and on “Tranquil” we enjoy again both artists on vocals and more cold wave vibes. I loved the “Tale” a more nostalgic, romantic and also “cold” song speaking about the past. Here the vocals are more dramatic, the yodeling surprised me but I also liked it a lot and that proves Kriistal’s Ann voice skills, the dark synth melodies sounds perfectly over the rhythm. “Perpetual” reminds the first steps of EBM music and the “Resurgence” drives us again in emotional and dark roads, “Everything inside Burning in your mind”. “Superbia”, “Punished wisdom” and especially “Entropy” made me want to dance for hours and the last song of the compilation “Throbbing Gallows” is the darkest song of the album “As your heaven cries Far beyond the light”…..

I strictly recommend it to the fans of this genre.

Review by Christine L