Lupe is a solo project of Michalis Latousakis, lead singer of the Greek gothic rock band Mosquito and co-founding member of the project Onism. His debut album "Burn" was released in October 2019 and now he has returned with the sophomore album "Dark Room" containing nine tracks, released in May 2021.

 On this second album, Michalis continues in the same style as his debut but there are some small differences. The new album is less experimental and more straightforward. It is largely a piano driven album, with less percussion and is more symphonic and less cabaret in style. Also, the tracks on "Dark Room" are a bit more melodic and slightly less dark.

 The opener is the instrumental "The Corridor". An ethereal rock opera song with the guitars provided by Nikitas Kissonas (of the progressive rock band Methexis). Next is "Eyes Cold", the first song to appear with its animated video, a classic example of Lupe’s style, with his characteristic deep vibrato vocal. On "Long Train" the atmosphere becomes more haunting, with the vocals becoming even more tormented and heartbroken, as on "Yet". Next is "Torment", a dynamic track that surely stands out of its more rock orientated style. Then on "Mind Interval", Lupe delivers a small vocal symphonic piece showcasing his operatic vocals. This then continues into "The Crown", the most rock opera track of the album. While on "Last Dance" the strings take on a more prominent role. Last is the album’s title track "Dark Room", a ballad that sums up all his neoclassical, art rock and darkwave influences.

 The album was solely written, produced and performed by Michalis Latousakis himself, with the mastering done by Ilias Doumpakis. Apart from the digital release, the album comes as a limited-edition compact disc in a digipack case, with artwork made by George Kastanakis.


Review by Nick Drivas