Exactly a year after "Spider On The Wall", legendary darkwave / goth band Clan Of Xymox returns with the new album "Limbo". As 2020 saw the world shut down, and Clan Of Xymox unable to tour, the band began crafting new material, influenced by the pandemic. On the album "Limbo" the band expands its signature sound to create a captivating take on this moment in our history. The album was officially released on July 23rd 2021, digitally and on CD.

 First single "Brave New World", named after the dystopian social science fiction novel by English author Aldous Huxley written in 1931, is a rhythmic guitar riff driven track with a worried melancholy vocal by Ronny Moorings. It is followed by it’s b-side "Lockdown" a bleaker electronic track. Both portraying a bleak and dystopian setting. The second single "Big Brother" continues the conceptual work, yet again inspired by what’s going on in the world the last year, and all that has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With Ronny expressing his concerns on state control, the restrictions and the vaccination process, here he continues in dark electronic mood with dashes of classic Xymox songwriting. The next song "The Great Reset" was also on the "Big Brother" EP and here they give us yet again another classic of their darkwave synth driven songs with touches of guitar but here with a more optimistic tone. Things get more atmospheric on "Forgotten", while on the title track "Limbo", Clan Of Xymox deliver a classic wave track by their standards, with the arpeggio picking guitar and synths balancing nicely

 In the second half of the album, the tracks continue in the same vein, as "No Way Out" and the more upbeat "In Control" with its more electro backbone, topped with atmospheric synths, melodic keys and Ronny’s melancholy vocals. In darker mood we have "The Great Depression" and "The One Percent" that are drenched in reverb. The next track, "Dystopia", has a different feel and mood with its more poppy and swinging rhythm, making a nice shift of style. While on the closing track "How Long?" Ronny expresses his frustration asking the critical question we all have. How long will this pandemic continue altering our live, and when will we be able to get back to normality?

 In all, Clan Of Xymox have delivered another album, continuing their long and remarkable legacy. As mentioned in the beginning, Ronny, unable to tour with the band around the world, found the time to write new material during the lockdown and reflected all of what was going on in real-time in his songs. Making this an album very current to the world situation.

Review by Nick Drivas