Alien Creation have returned with their new "Lust Locked Down" E​.​P. featuring DJ Lady Davinia, containing 4 different mixes of the title track plus two more tracks. This electronic, gothic, industrial project is fronted by percussionist Chris Clark and is based in London. Chris Clark is known also for being the drummer of the 90’s gothic rock act Nosferatu and was recently involved in the new reincarnation of The Nosferatu. Their first EP "Unique Lab Accidents" was released in 2019.

 The opener is Lust Locked Down (Assault On Paradise)". The vocals sound a bit like Marilyn Manson but musically closer to the likes of NIN. The strings give a retro lounge cinematic feel until come the outbursts of industrial terror. Lady Davinia’s backing vocals give a more eerie vampiric feel to the whole atmosphere. Next, we have "Lust Locked Down (The Sheila Mix)" a more electronically fueled take that’s almost instrumental, with only Lady Davinia’s haunting vocals left in the mix. While on the "Lust Locked Down (The Geezer Mix)" the vocals are more distorted drenched in a noisier take of the song. The fourth mix, "Lust Locked Down (Going Insane Mix)" again has a more oldschool electro approach. Things get more cyber punk on the following "Alien Machines (Messed Up Mix)" where over the electronic rhythmic drumming, distorted synths and sounds pump up the track. The last track "We Are The Weirdos (No One Cares Mix)" features Steve Perry on additional live bass. Here, Alien Creation present another oldschool groovy electro track, more upbeat, with industrial elements and a catchy chorus.

 The tracks where written and recorded in London during lockdown in 2020/21 and released on the 8th of May in 2021 as a digital release and on digipak CD. You could say that this release gives a small taste of the current London goth/industrial scene. Surely something you will hear or dance to in some underground alternative club.


Review by Nick Drivas