It had been more than two years that the Greek minimal synth act Doric had taken to the stage, and it had been almost two years of forced silence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, that Death Disco hadn’t staged a live event. So, it was a pleasant surprise to have Doric break the live curfew and debate the post-quarantine era at Death Disco in Athens on Saturday 6th of November 2021. This gave the chance for Doric (aka Stathis Leontiadis) to present his latest full-length album "Great Dead Cities", that was released earlier in 2021 on the German label Cold & Young records, in proper and not by means of streaming.

 Although the door policy only allowed entry to people with a covid pass, the crowd filled the club, all anticipating to encounter a live experience once again. Doric took to the stage behind his set up of analogue synths and drum machines and began his set with the instrumental "Ορχηστρικό No.5" warming us up with his synth melodies before storming into "A-Live", both from the "Great Dead Cities" album. Next was "Controlling The Pieces" another up-tempo track from his "A Distorted Reality" album, with Stathi’s characteristic vocals full of despair. Then followed "Start Of A Lie", another stand-out from his latest LP. His minimal wave tunes kept on coming with "Images" and "Mod Of The Old". Taking all those who where in the club on a journey through time with his minimal cold wave synthetic sounds.


As his set was in full swing, he presented us the tack "Cities Are Dead" from his last release making the transfixed crowd move to his minimalistic beats and swaying to synth lines. The older "Sleep Of Reason" from the 2016 EP of the same name followed before going even more back into his catalogue with his first brilliant single "The Suspect" from 2013. He ended his main set with the tracks "The Maze" and "So Far, So Near" from the 2015 mini-album "So Far So Near". But as the audience was thirsty for more, Doric responded to their call and returned to the stage to perform once more, the track "Cities Are Dead", proving just the opposite, that cities are (not) dead with events like this taken place once again.


Review + photos by Nick Drivas.

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